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How to make corporate videos?

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How to make corporate videos? 67 Views

Armando Levy is a journalist, professor of business communication and author of books such as "Advertising, the art of generating disbelieve" (Publisher FGV) and "The vultures and Varig: the history of the destruction of the largest Brazilian airline of all time" ( Publisher E-Press).

Creator of e-Press, Future Press and LinkEDU, Armando Levy has been advocating changes in corporate communication since 2007, when he noticed the emergence of the videos as a communication channel and the deterioration of the press and public relations traditional models.

Author of numerous lectures, lectures and seminars, Armando Levy has been involved in transforming the cororative communication of many companies, inserting communications by videos and social networks in structures where previously there was only relationship with the press and internal communication.

However, the attachment of many companies to traditional communication, including advertising, has been delaying the insertion of new media in this scenario, something that must be consolidated with the advance of managers and business leaders with more modern visions of corporate communication.

In this video, Armando Levy shows in detail how to create good content for business videos, breaking with the advertising model. It will show that the advertising model does not work on social networks, since people seek information rather than advertising.

Armando Levy is director of the companies Future Press, e-Press and LinkEDU, that also begin to work in international markets like USA and Portugal.

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